4 comments on “ReboundBot – Intro

  1. Very nice!…I’m building one also (Arduino + Super Rebound). Any idea how much current the original board was delivering to the motors? If the motors are Mabuchi RC 260RA 18130’s and the stall current @ 6V is 2.55 A (see http://www.mabuchi-motor.co.jp/en_US/cat_files/rc_260ra.pdf ), then the max (stall) current w/o a controller would be about 3.1 A @ 7.2 V. I’m trying a 3A shield, but I would have thought your earlier 2.4A setup would have been OK too. I’ve also got the same challenge of trying to figure out how to mount side looking sensors. Keep us posted on your progress!

    • Awesome that you’re working on one as well! Its a perfect design to work with for a robot.
      Actually no I have absolutely no idea, hence I wish I hadn’t forcefully ripped it to pieces haha.
      I can’t seem to load that pdf, but good find! I hadn’t even figured out what kind they were.

      And thanks! School and Micromouse have been pretty time-consuming, but I will post my progress as soon as I can.

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